Accumulation is Erin's MFA Thesis exhibition. The photos below are a walk through of the exhibition in the Mesaros Gallery in Morgantown, West Virginia. 

It is an installation of fired and painted ceramic objects, it also includes fiber and glaze. This piece is a collection of gestural hand-built scaffold structures. The structures were made one piece at a time, over the period of about a year and reference both repetition found in nature, specifically plants, as well as repetition and pattern in man made objects. The marks on the objects give a nod to hand-made craft, as well as the manual and analogue nature of building, and consequently the application of labor. The marks also emphasize repetition, the passing of time and the presence of the artist in her work. The individual sculptures are arranged in a large-scale installation. This installation creates a whimsical, immersive space that references a flower garden. The colors, forms, textures, and patterns all create a dynamic grouping of objects that the viewer can walk around, through, and be immersed in. The large-scale of the objects allows the viewer to be fully present at the site, with the goal of a positive, whimsical escape for the viewer and artist. 

Interdisciplinary Artist